Conveniently located at the entrance to Murta Maria, a small village in Olbia, the Speraesole Hotel is a stone’s throw from some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, such as Porto Istana, Li Cuncheddi and Capo Ceraso. It is a stylish location, easily reached from the airport and the port of Olbia. It is also worth remembering that Olbia is the biggest city in the area, boasting many shops, venues and a wide selection of cultural events.

Olbia port/centre: 12km
From the port/centre along Via Roma >at the 2nd roundabout turn left in the direction of the airport>pass the Padrongianus bridge and continue along the main road ss125

Olbia airport: 9km
Turn right at the airport junction>follow the signs for the main road ss125 >Padrongianus bridge > after the salt marshes continue straight ahead for 3km

Costa Smeralda: 39km
From Palau on the Costa Smeralda provincial road sp73> follow the signs for Olbia airport> continue straight ahead on main road ss125

Alghero: 142km
Main road ss131 Sassari Alghero> once you have reached Olbia, follow the signs for the airport >continue straight ahead on ss125

Nuoro: 93km Cagliari: 269km
Main road ss125 towards Olbia>Padrongianus bridge > at the 2nd roundabout turn right onto main road ss597 Monti Olbia> turn right at the 2nd junction onto main road ss131 in the direction of Nuoro-Cagliari

From Nuoro take the main road ss131 in the direction of Olbia>turn at the Loiri-Trudda junction > continue along the “Spiritu Santu” road>turn right at the stop sign> 2kmon the left of the Strada della Meta